Protection Plan

Factory wrap protection on top of your manufacturer's warranty. We offer a wide selection of coverage. Protect yourself from inexpensive repairs. Simply choose the coverage that is right for you and meets your driving record.

Appearance Protection

Protect your new vehicles exterior as well as interior with our appearance protection package. Get protection for covered stains, rips, tears, burns, and cuts to the interior fabric. This protection will also cover your windshield. If the event of a windshield crack or chip the paint protection protects your vehicle's exterior paint from fading, industrial fallout, tree sap & love bug damage.

Dent & Ding Protection

When mishaps happen our Dent & Ding protection Plan is here to help take care of them. Get exterior protection from dents & dings to protect your vehicle.

Safe- Key Protection

Safe-key is there when you need it most. If your keys are misplace, damaged & will not work, or locked in your vehicle. We will provide immediate assistance for unlocking your vehicle, replacing keys or transponder, and reprograms your keys as needed. We provide 24-hour home lock-out assistance, emergency message relay up to three emergency contacts, retrieval and reward system that motivates anyone finding your keys to return them.

Gap Coverage

Gap coverage provides you with confidence when you purchase a new, pre-owned, or leased vehicle. If in the event you have a total loss situation most standard insurance policies will only pay the current market value, not what you owe or your insurance deductible. Gap coverage can help with the difference and give you peace of mind. Between what you owe & what the insurance company determines your car is worth in the event of a total loss. Plus our gap coverage will cover your deductible.